Age: Unknown
Physical energy projections, often in the form of weapons
Inner peace – an extraordinarily rare ability that enhances his senses to their maximum capabilities

One of the only survivors of the Great Solar War, Wolf is one of the most powerful and most respected gods on Desolation. Little is known about his past aside from the fact that he fought alongside King Dracellator and the father of Lord Ferumcertaele in the war that almost ended the god race, and was among those who managed to save what few gods remained. He spent most of his time on Desolation helping the citizens of the world out when nobody else would. He would craft tools, build homes, hunt food, and even slay monsters if needed. When not helping others out, he resided within the city of Lutum, under Ferumcertaele’s rule. Though respected enough to have a place in King Dracellator’s army if he so desired, Wolf often stayed as far away from all political activities as he could. All he really wanted to do was help people, which he believed he could do better while being on their level rather than being seen as above them. He would still help out in the schemes of Ferumcertaele, but only if they were within his comfort zone. Possessing strength that few others could match meant that he wouldn’t have to argue much to get out of the tasks he didn’t want to do. And that was why many were shocked when he agreed to help with the creation of Aangshin. A kind being like himself helping to create what was supposed to be a weapon of mass destruction seemed very out of character. Perhaps he hoped his kind nature would balance out the hatred in the monster’s heart.

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