Age: 1040
Can sense energy and easily learn how to recreate it, essentially allowing him to have access to all magical abilities

The adoptive brother of Lord Ferumcertaele, Síondraga is the second god in command of the city of Lutum. He was found on the outskirts of the city in a basket, barely over three weeks old, and was adopted by Ferumcertaele’s father, who was in charge of Lutum at the time. Though even his adoptive father didn’t stay around for very long, leaving both Síondraga and Ferumcertaele to rule Lutum before they even hit the young age of one hundred. Síondraga would go on to spend his entire life trying to achieve what he considered to be perfection. Whenever he wasn’t helping Ferumcertaele to rule, he was studying any form of magic he could get his hands on, no matter how mundane some forms seemed. He would go on to become known as the most skilled magic wielder in all of Desolation, and perhaps one of the best of all time. Though this obsession would also pave the way to forging his biggest weaknesses. He became incredibly vane, caring only for himself and his adoptive brother, and only gaining respect for Wolf after seeing him effortlessly crush foes that he himself could only dream of defeating. He would never ask another soul for help no matter how much he may have needed it, nor would he help others unless told to by Ferumcertaele. He may have been well known across the world, but he certainly wasn’t well liked. Not that he cared anyway. As long as he continued improving upon his perfection and his adoptive brother got his way, he was more than happy to let others despise him. How he managed to create a soul as kind as Aangshin was beyond the guessing of any creature, man, god or otherwise.

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