Lord Ferumcertaele

Age: 1041
Can enhance the auras of other gods
Very persuasive

The ruler of the city of Lutum, Lord Ferumcertaele is considered one of the most powerful gods in the world of Desolation. Although, the power he wields isn’t exactly his own, which you would easily tell by just the sight of his fragile figure. Lutum was the biggest city aside from Divitomae and was home to some of the strongest warriors on the planet, meaning that unless Divitomae were to intervene, Ferumcertaele could conquer every other city rather easily if he so desired, which he very much did. Ferumcertaele, however, accepted that Divitomae was too big for him to attempt to conquer for many years, so instead tended to his own city to make it as best he could, while of course throwing the occasional assassination attempt at the king every now and then. Though his acceptance soon changed when the king declared that the race of humanity would replace the gods due to how likely it was that the gods would destroy themselves again just as they had done in the past. Ferumcertaele saw the humans as an insult to the god race, as insects that needed to be squashed. But how would he squash them while they were so well protected? Well, if the gods of Divitomae could make their own race, so could he. He would bring about the creation of the Aangshin, the ultimate demon hybrid who would conquer all who stood in their path. With no more gods being born to join his cause, he would have to put this plan into action as soon as possible, even if that meant mistakes would happen…
But before all of that happened, he was rather different. Himself and his adoptive brother Síondraga were thrust into the leadership role before even becoming one hundred years old, which to a god was far too soon to be ruling a city. Their beginning was very shaky indeed. Many of their followers fled to other cities for more stable leadership, missing the days when Ferumcertaele’s father, a strong leader and a powerful god, was the one in charge. It wasn’t until Ferumcertaele found a way to stir the flames of hatred that he managed to regain some loyalty. He learned that all he needed to do was find a common goal. To find somebody else for his followers to hate. He pointed to the king of Divitomae and filled his followers with countless untruths of how he intended to take away everything they loved. The king may not have been a perfect ruler, but the lies told of him made him appear as something beyond the devil to most people. So when they were told their help would be needed to forge the demon that would bring about his destruction, they were more than happy to help. The flames of hatred are of course one of the most powerful tools for persuasion after all.

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