Age: 99
Illusions and delusions, both mental and physical
Portal creation
Anger strongly enhances his power

By far the youngest god in the city of Lutum, as well as being one of the youngest gods in the world owing to the king’s ban on breeding, Dokiocus has spent much of his life in servitude to Lord Ferumcertaele. His upbringing wasn’t exactly the happiest of tales, and it’s effects on him would last for many years. He developed twitches all over his body, though most prominently in his left eye, and he would laugh loudly and hysterically with no prompting, mostly during the times of which it was most inappropriate. The only thing he seeks in life is revenge upon the god who sent him down this path. If he can get that, perhaps he can finally live a normal life. Until then, he does exactly as he is told by Lord Ferumcertaele. Though he isn’t fond of how he is treated by Ferumcertaele and Síondraga, he is still deeply grateful for them allowing him to stay in their city. If it weren’t for them and his saviour, he would have perished many years ago, completely alone and in the middle of nowhere. His soul may be filled with rage, but he still has a semblance of gratitude left to give to them. A semblance that grows rapidly with the birth of Aangshin. Being his only true family left, Dokiocus becomes very protective of the demon child. He wouldn’t know how to cope if he lost anyone else.

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