Age: 625
Gains strength through damage.
Has access to multiple forms of magic through the use of his sword, the Nightmare’s Edge.

Blade started his life in the grand megacity of Divitomae, with everything he could ever want. He had personal training from one of the planet’s greatest warriors, he was mentored by the best weapon-smith ever known, and he had the facilities to enhance both his body and his sword to their highest peaks. He quickly became famous in Divitomae for his acts of strength and valour in the army, which led on to him being given the title of heir to the throne of Divitomae, being chosen over the king’s own daughter. Under the king’s guidance, Blade would soon be in charge of the entire world of Desolation. That was until a violent disagreement between himself and another high ranking army official led to him losing his title and being banished to the wastelands, where he would waste away for the next month of his life. A short period of time for a god, yet remarkably long when food and water are in extremely short supply. With nobody else willing to take him in so soon after his betrayal, Blade was forced to accept the invitation of Ferumcertaele, the lord of the city of Lutum. Albeit very reluctantly, Blade would help Ferumcertaele in his schemes against Divitomae and the king, secretly hoping that one day he would be able to return to the life he once had. He would spend every day training his body so hard that even his bones would ache, then he would spend all night drinking his sorrows away. He spent many years in this loop of self-destructiveness that ate away at his very soul. Every year he grew more spiteful and less hopeful, slowly accepting the fact that life may never go how he wished. Had it not been for the birth of Aangshin, he may never have been able to reclaim what little semblance of sanity that still clung to his soul by a thread.

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