Age: 0
Abilities: None as of the start of the book

The Aangshin. The angel of death and the child of blood. The weapon born of hatred, born to be the saviour of the god race, born to destroy the king of Divitomae and all who would stand alongside him. Born a month too soon. Always an impatient god, Ferumcertaele demanded he be created on the date they originally planned, ignoring Síondraga’s pleads to extend the date by a month owing to a complication that had arisen. This decision would be the cause of countless arguments, as the child who was supposed to be born to hate was instead born as one of the kindest people you would ever meet. Instead of possessing the powers of all of his fathers, he had nothing at all. He couldn’t even manipulate the most basic forms of aura until showed how. And instead of hating those he was born to kill, he showed them friendliness, much to the disdain of his fathers. In fact, he even showed kindness to those who actively tried to hurt him, no matter how many times his fathers tried to tell him he should be mad. They would have to teach him everything from scratch, from the ways of the world, to the manipulation of magic, to the murder of kings. They would have to break down every shred of his kindness and innocence and build up a new being of hatred and violence. Only, they would have to ensure that they didn’t accidentally point the hatred towards themselves. For if this demonic hybrid were to become as powerful as they so desired, there would be little they could do to stop him if he turned against them.

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